How long does the caffeine lasts in the body?

To use and measure caffeine, it may be useful to know the duration of its effects!Here’s a summary of how long caffeine lasts.

We know the effects of caffeine but know when and how to take caffeine? It is the same for the duration of the effects of caffeine, do you know it? 

The duration of effects depends on the weight and physiology of each person: 

  • Caffeine degrades at a rate of 50% every 3-4 hours, and therefore 75% after 6-8 hours;
  • It is effective up to doses of about 20 mg (which means that when it breaks down, when it falls below 20 mg, it is useless);
  • Thus, a dose of 75 mg will take an average time to fall below 20 mg of 6-8 hours, then it will no longer have effects! Consider if you want to use caffeine as a stimulant for your workout, especially if you train in the afternoon and want to fall asleep at night.

How does caffeine break down in your body?

Caffeine can affect many systems in the body. After ingesting caffeine, you can begin to feel the effects within 15 to 30 minutes. Caffeine reaches its maximum level in the blood in one hour and can remain in your body for several hours. Again, this is an important consideration in the timing of caffeine for your bodybuilding program. 

If you consume caffeine daily, your body may develop tolerance, this means that your body gets used to it quickly enough. If initially a cup of coffee can keep you awake for one or two hours, later that will require you to take two cups to get the same effect. 

The more caffeine you consume, the more you may need it to stay awake and feel its stimulating effects, the body gets used to it and the body becomes weaker. But on the contrary, or even because of that, the body gets into the habit of having daily doses of caffeine, and you can even develop a physical and psychological dependence. 

Indeed, in addition to the whiplash effect and physical stimulant, we must not forget that caffeine is also a cognitive stimulant, it improves concentration and therefore has significant psychological effects. 

So try reducing your caffeine intake to reserve it when you need a boost, and just then. This will allow you to avoid this type of inconvenience, and in addition to enjoy a much greater effect each time you take this dietary supplement. 

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